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air-flowSENSE | Air Flow

Compact, electronic sensor for monitoring or measuring air and other gaseous media (switch or meter)

To discuss the full range of Air Flow Sensing products supplied by Automated Control, please contact us. Also here is the link to the Weber Captor sensor overview

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Weber Vent-Captor Insertion Meter 0-20m/sec 3202.30/20

For air and gaseous media, solid state design suitable for 1 1/2″ and above pipe installations

vent-captor 3202.30/xx

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Weber Vent-Captor Inline Switch 3302.12/18 – For precise switching of air and gaseous media flows and especially suited to small bore application, virtually non invasive, minimal flow constriction, small footprint 

  • Small pipe diameters
  • Ideally suited to small flow volume
  • Temperature compensated                     

vent-captor 3302.1x/xx

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Weber Vent-Captor Insertion Meter SS 4-20mA 0-30m/s 3205.30/30 For air and gaseous media, solid state robust stainless steel design, suitable for 1 1/2″ and above pipe installationsto 10 bar    

vent-captor 3205.30/xx

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The vent-captor type 3505 + 3022.30 is a remote flow meter for industrial applications, ideal for small pipe sizes. The measurement of the mass flow bases on the calorimetric
principle. The vent-captor is completely resin encapsulated, thus rugged, shock and vibration proof.

vent-captor system 3505 + 3022.30/xx

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