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Sense | Monitor | Control
Sense | Monitor | Control
Sense | Monitor | Control
Sense | Monitor | Control
Sense | Monitor | Control
Sense | Monitor | Control
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Automated Control Pty Ltd

With exclusively distributed products designed to monitor and control applications within automation and process environments, Automated Control has become a leading independent supplier of sensing, monitoring and control equipment.

To find out more on these products please click the product photo icons below

vsd-invt-Goodrive3000 AC Drives
EXEL-Spring-Cable-Reels Cable Reels
Safe-Lec-2 Conductor Rails
Burkert Microfluidic Valves & Pumps Control Valves
Control – Smart Relays Control / Smart Relays
Hengstler Counters Logo 2 Counters & Relays
Hengstler Encoder small Encoders
Cable Reeler and Energy Chain Energy Chain
festoon_system_ logo_No Background Festoon Systems
Flow Measurment Tall Flow Sensing
Conveyor Alignment Conveyor Align Detection
Blocked Chute Logo Conveyor Blocked Chute Detection
Intrinsically Safe Barriers
Rugicam-IP 316 Stainless Steel Mk 2 (small wide) Intrinsically Safe Camera Systems
MTL 946x Collarge Intrinsically Safe Communications
STS Ex Intrinsically Safe Transmitters 3 Intrinsically Safe Pressure/Level
IS930.M1-Front & side Square 2 Intrinsically Safe Products
Pulsar IMP_plus Flow & Level Measurment
ASM Products Logo Linear Measurement
STS-DL.OCS_N_RS485-Datalogger-600×400 Level & Pressure Measurement
AMCI Motion Controllers Motion Control
FEAS-SNT15024-K-500 Power Supplies
IFM Sensing Presence Sensing
Pumped Hydro Logo Hydro Flow Monitoring
Environode RTU RTU's
AMCI-nr25-ethernet-ip-absolute-multi-turn-rotary-encoder Resolvers
ifmSignalTower MTL Led Clusters Strobes LED's & Beacons
Temperature Control
Hiqule-TCM-Thermistor-Motor-Protection-Relay Timers & Relays
IFM Condition Monitoring Vibration Monitoring
Balluff Sensors Automated Control 3
SUM5 Design Features SUM5
vacuum-contactors-starters-joslyn-clark square Vacuum Contactors
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