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Hazardous Area Wireless

Our business dispels the myth about having equipment located in a hazardous area resulting in limitations on performance or technology selection. We combine the functionality and interoperability of proven technology with intrinsically safe design at its core. Our wireless hazardous area solutions are 802.11 compliant and have well supported Ethernet interfaces which can simultaneously provide power and data communications though a unique intrinsically safe power over Ethernet connection (PoEx). PoEx technology provides ease of connection while in hazardous area, is live workable and easy to maintain which reduces operational costs and promotes safer operation. When compared with equivalent Ex d solutions, our solution offers a physically smaller, lighter and lower cost of ownership product.
Our products feature selectable frequency ranges (2.4GHz and 5GHz bands), WDS (wireless distribution system) and 108Mbps data rates which ensure that your network can be deployed to avoid interference and give maximum signal coverage where required. Systems can be setup to simply provide a point to point Ethernet link or to give an operator access to the network while in the field as per conventional 802.11 networks.


Our Hazardous Area Wireless products possess the following capabilities:

  • Mounting in Zone 1 Div 1 / Zone 2 Div 2
  • 802.11 a/b/g wireless connectivity for maximum device support
  • Intrinsically safe power over Ethernet (PoEx) or two-wire options
  • WDS (wireless distribution system) access point to access point communication for maximum coverage



To discuss the full range of Hazardous Area Wireless products supplied by Automated Control, please contact us.

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9469-ETplus Intrinsically Safe Wireless Access Point / Bridge is a multi-functional module that can be used as an Access Point, Wireless Bridge (Client) or Wireless Repeater When used in the Access Point (AP) mode, it allows wireless devices to connect through it and onto the wired Ethernet network, either in AD-HOC or Infrastructure modes. Features include Tri-Band operation, Zone 1, Division 1 mountable and ATEX / IECEx certified. Read More

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The 9466-ET 10/100Mbps, Layer 2, Ethernet switch allows the interconnection of MTL 9400-ET series networking modules via its 5 ports. It also enables an Ethernet network to cover a greater distance using either Cat5e cable or fibre-optic for longer spans.                     The 9466-ET is designed for Zone 1 hazardous-area mounting inside a suitable IP6x enclosure & has intrinsically safe ATEX & IECEx approvals. Read More.

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The MTL9468-ET 10/100Mbps, Isolating Ethernet Barrier allows the interconnection of a Zone 2 or un-certified safe area device to the intrinsically safe 9400-ET series of Ethernet networking products, operating in the hazardous area. The isolating barrier provides a compact alternative solution to fibre optic cable and media converters and for when it is desirable to use Cat5e cables in preference to fibre. Read More.

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RugiCAM-IP Camera System

For information on the RugiCAM-IP Industrial Camera System please click on the following link. RugiCAM-IP Camera System

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The MTL9493-PS Power Supply is the preferred method for supplying the 9460-ET series of instrinsically safe Ethernet modules and is based on an isolating power supply. It takes a 24V DC safe area / Zone 2 supply and produces an intrinsically safe, 12V DC nominal output capable of powering the Ethernet modules mounted in a Zone 1 hazardous area. Each 9493-PS can power a single Ethernet module. Read More.

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9465-ET Media Convertor

9465-ET Media Converter

The MTL9465-ET 10/100Mbps Copper to Fibre OpticMedia Converter allows an Ethernet network to be extended over a greater distance. The fibre optic link may be up to 2km in length when running at 100Mbps. Longer distances are obtained by simply connecting a 9466 (10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch) between two 9465 media converters, effectively giving a ‘repeater’ function. Read More.

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eXLink Connectors

The eXLink Hot Swap Connectors provides a NEW, complete system for connecting and disconnecting products electrically. This system is available in different versions for different applications. The self-cleaning Ex-e multi-contact conducting pins provide permanent faultless electrical connection. Please use the configurator below for correct part number before ordering.         eXLink-Configurator 


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