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SENSE | Conveyor Blocked Chute Detection

To discuss the full range of Blocked Chute Detection products supplied by Automated Control, please contact us.

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Gladiator Gen 3 Microwave Switch

The Gladiator Gen 3 Microwave provides point level switching for presence or absence of most solid and liquid materials. Used in any application where microwave energy is absorbed by the material being monitored, including replacement of traditional contact switching devices.


G1 Microwave Switch

The G1 Microwave Switch can be used for blockage detection, barrier detection, machine detection, collision detection for protection, point level measurement, and detection of objects or material between two points.


Gladiator Acoustic Switch

Non-contact self cleaning blocked chute detection switch. The Gladiator Acoustic Switch uses Acoustic Wave technology in a new Sender/Receiver form for blocked chute detection and anti collision for heavy machinery.

Gladiator Acoustic Switch Datasheet




Gladiator Acoustic Switch Self Cleaning Switch

Self-Cleaning Gladiator Acoustic Switch Series for Blocked Chute Detection and Anti-collision for Heavy Machinery. The Gladiator Acoustic Switch uses acoustic wave technology in a new Sender/Receiver form for blocked chute detection, point level detection and anti-collision for heavy machinery. The Gladiator Amplifier powers two AW Transducers, which use special Hawk developed software in which both units pulse and receive each other’s acoustic echoes. When the path between the transducers is blocked, the units immediately detect the presence/absence change of the return signal and trigger a communications relay for indication or control purposes.

Gladiator Acoustic Switch Datasheet

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