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Joslyn Clark | Vacuum Contactors & Starters

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Vacuum Contactors & Starters


Vacuum Contactors & Starters
Air Break Contactors & Starters
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To view the full range of Joslyn Clark products supplied by Automated Control, please visit the Joslyn Clark website.

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Vacuum Contactors

Our low and medium voltage vacuum contactors and combination starters are used in some of the most extreme industrial environments in the world. Applications in industries such as Water and Oil and Pumping, Coal and Metal Mining, Compressors, HVAC, Industrial Electric Furnace Control, Capacitor Switching, Rock Crushing, Crane Control and Lighting Control rely on Joslyn Clark for life safety and fire protection.

Joslyn Clark low and medium voltage vacuum contactors load breaking devices for 3-Phase AC Motors and medium voltage switchgear with lower current chopping than vacuum breakers. Typical applications include motor controls for electric motors, transformer, and capacitor bank switching.


  • Mechanical life up to 3 million operations
  • Electrical life up to 1 million operations
  • No special maintenance requirements
  • Minimal contact bounce and low arc energy minimizes risks of contact welding
  • High duty cycle, up to 1200 operations per hour
  • Ability to be mounted in any plane 2:26


1140 Series Vacuum Contactors

Operating Voltages 200V-1.14kV
View Product

CV Series Compact Vacuum Contactors

Operating Voltages 200V-1.5kV
View Product

VC Series Vacuum Contactors

Operating Voltages 200V-3.6kV
View Product

MVC Series Vacuum Contactors

Operating Voltages 2kV-7.2kV
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