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Intrinsically Safe UPS – Hollville

The Holville Intrinsically Safe UPS – battery backed power supplies are designed for use in Group 1 hazardous areas. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Holville range of power supplies are tested to meet the requirements of AS2380.7.

The units carry NSW MDA and ANZEx certification. The units are available in either a 12.6V 2.34A output or a 12.6V 0.97A output and in either an Ex(ia) or Ex e m (ia) package.


    • Available with either Ex (ia) or Ex m e (ia) protection
    • Available with either 12.6V 0.97A or 12.6V 2.34A outputs. (The UPS IS power output may also be connected to IS DC to DC converters for a wider range of output parameters)
    • Factory configured to either 110V or 240V AC input
    • The mains cable should be user selected to conform with AS1972 and to suit the application. (For the Ex (ia) e m UPS Type 2S or armoured cables are available)
    • Available with 7Amp.Hr, 14A.Hr or 28A.Hr battery capacity
    • Inrush current protection
    • Fully encapsulated
    • IS outputs are floating
      (i.e. they are galvanically isolated from the mains input, the mains earth and the UPS enclosure).
    • Status indicator LED and Buttons;
      • IS Power On LED
      • Mains On LED
      • Battery Charged LED
      • Temp/Current Limit LED (This LED is illuminated when one of the three current limit stages shuts down due to an overload.)
      • Voltage Regulator Failure LED. (This LED indicates the first Voltage regulator stage has failed)
      • 3 current limit test buttons (fitted to Ex(ia) UPS only). (Allows the user to test the integrity of each of the 3 current limit stages
    • Available with an optional, factory configured, timer that switches off all UPS output when mains has not been applied for a specified period of time
    • A timer reset switch.
    • An optional auxiliary on/off cable to connect a remote on/off switch.
    • The power supplies have a 12 month, return to factory, replacement warranty (some exclusions apply)


The UPS can be configured with a 12.6V 0.97A or 12.6V 2.34A output. Associated I.S. parameters are as below:


Please Note: The UPS certification allows for the output voltage, current and power of any model to be reduced to meet the entity parameters of attached equipment. However the Co and Lo parameters associated with the ‘parent’ model may not be changed. Please contact us to verify that a UPS can be configured to meet your required parameters

ANZEX Certificate check

The UPS IS power output may be connected to IS DC to DC converters for a wider range of output parameters. The IS power outputs of the DC to DC converters are individually galvanically isolated from their inputs.

Ordering and Parts Specification:

To order a Type 3 UPS its configuration needs to be specified as follows:


The following commonly ordered configurations have been allocated part no’s for ease of ordering:


All Holville intrinsically safe UPS are fully encapsulated for reliability in harsh environments and carry a 12 month, return to factory replacement warranty. Back to Intrinsically Safe Power Supplies.

To discuss the full range of Intrinsically Safe Power Supplies supplied by Automated Control, please Contact Us

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