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FEAS Redundancy Modules

FEAS Redundancy modules provide the decoupling of two identical DC-power supplies in order to either increase the output power or achieve a higher degree of system stability. In case of mains power failure or an internal defect of one power supply, the other power supply is still feeding the DC-circuit without interruption. For this, the performance of the used power supplies are calculated in a way, that all consumers can be powered with just one DC-power supply. With this method, the operational reliability of the whole system is effective enhanced.

  • Integrated cooling element
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Vibration proof
  • Suitable for the tropics – epoxy resin casted
  • Simple mounting on rail acc. to DIN 46277
  • Conforms to EMC and low voltage directive
  • Safety acc. to VDE, EN, UL, CSA

To discuss the full range of Redundancy Modules supplied by Automated Control, please contact us.

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