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High-speed encoders for engine test benches

High-speed encoders for engine test benches

The constantly increasing speeds of vehicle drives are forcing manufacturers of engine test benches to upgrade the measurement technology in their systems. Incremental encoders and absolute encoders from Hengstler are ideal for this: They record both the position and the speed of motors with absolute precision, even at 25,000 revolutions per minute.

In our wide range of rotary encoders you will find encoders for all areas of application. From simple angle encoders to optical high-tech motor feedback systems, we offer you the best quality at the highest technical level from a range of over two million possible variants. With us you will find incremental and absolute rotary encoders for industrial and heavy-duty applications. For offshore use, we rely on high-quality materials, tightness and extreme corrosion resistance. Use our modern encoder technologies for your applications and equip your machines with high-quality sensors.

Our range of encoders for your applications

The areas of application for rotary encoders are diverse, which is why there are many different types of rotary encoders, each of which is tailored to its area of ​​application. Since our products cover a wide range of application areas, the angle encoders must always deliver changes in angles with the highest precision under the most varied of conditions. From heavy-duty applications in the construction machinery sector to applications in “cold climate areas” to offshore tasks, our encoders provide reliable service.
Among other things, you will find encoders with the following properties:

  • Encoders for all applications
  • Encoders with very high resolutions
  • encoder
  • Encoder for the temperature range from -40° to + 100° C
  • Motor feedback systems in all performance classes
  • hollow shaft encoder
  • solid shaft rotary encoder
  • Design as a single-turn or multi-turn rotary encoder
  • Sine rotary encoder
  • resolver

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