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Absolute Encoder ACURO® AD37 highly accurate in tightest spaces

Absolute Encoder ACURO® AD37 – Highly accurate position measurement in the tightest of spaces for Single Cable Solution

Safe things come in small packages…

The absolute encoder ACURO® AD37 from Hengstler is not only ideal for highly dynamic motion control applications. It can also be connected backlash-free to any shaft via the integrated Countex® coupling hub. The Countex® also has a significantly higher torsional rigidity than conventional plug-in couplings.

The AD37 encoder series for your functional safety servo motor system.

Safety is always on their mind. In particular in systems that use servomotors to control autonomously moving and working tools. This can pose a risk to the personal safety of the worker. More and more machine manufacturers are developing systems with standardized SIL levels to ensure more safety and reliability in their applications. By using standardized SIL levels, safety can be assessed independently. The AD37 absolute encoder series, which uses the ACURO safety interface, was created precisely for these applications.

The Hengstler ACURO safety interface has been specially developed to ensure a high level of functional safety in servo motor control systems.

The electrical interface data protocol meets SIL3 requirements, while the AD37S encoder itself meets SIL2 and the AD 37E encoder meets SIL3 requirements. With an operating temperature of up to + 105 ° C, a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm and a short installation depth of 28 mm, the AD37 series is one of the most compact absolute multi-turn encoders in its class! The encoder contains both an internal temperature sensor and a separate connection for the motor winding temperature sensor, allowing this information to be recorded directly in the encoder. An internal “Electronic Data Sheet” in the rotary encoder saves specific motor and encoder data and can be called up at any time.

Security. If you need a functional safety assessment for your servo motor systems, rely on the Hengstler AD37 encoder series and the ACURO safety interface!

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