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The 9460 product range provides cost-effective Intrinsically Safe (IS) Ethernet equipment that can be installed and maintained easily in hazardous areas.

In Process Automation it is also preferable to use a single cable to provide both power and communications to the end device. The 9460-ET range can deliver Intrinsically Safe Power over Ethernet (PoEx™) with a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable, allowing live connection and disconnection of the end device in Zone 0 and 1 hazardous areas.

Intrinsically Safe Ethernet

IS Ethernet Isolator

The 9468-ET 10/100Mbps, Isolating Ethernet Barrier allows the interconnection of a Zone 2 or un-certified safe area device to the intrinsically safe 9400-ET series of Ethernet networking products, operating in the hazardous area. The isolating barrier provides a compact alternative solution to fibre optic cable and media converters and for when it is desirable to use Cat5e cables in preference to fibre.

IS Ethernet Media Converter

The 9465-ET 10/100Mbps Copper to Fibre Optic Media Converter allows an Ethernet network to be extended over a greater distance. A multi-mode fibre optic link may be up to 2km in length when running at 100Mbps and due to the use of 1300nm optics an extended distance of 5km is achievable at 10Mbps. Longer distances are achievable with single mode fibre.
Fibre optics gives exceptional immunity to noise and electrical interference, it is also used when connecting a Hazardous Area network to a Zone 2/Safe Area network or device.

IS Ethernet Wireless access pointbridge

The 9469-ET is a multi-functional module that can be used as an Access Point, Wireless Bridge (Client) or Wireless Repeater. When used in the Access Point (AP) mode, it allows wireless devices to connect through it and onto the wired Ethernet network, either in AD-HOC or Infrastructure modes. When used as a Bridge, it makes it possible to turn any 10/100 Ethernet device into a wireless device, or to connect two network segments together to make a single network (without the interconnecting wire or fibre optic).
– 9466 Specification Sheet                       -IECEx Certificate

IS Managed Switch

The 9466-ET 10/100Mbps switch allows the interconnection of MTL 9400-ET series networking modules via its 5 ports. It also enables an Ethernet network to cover a greater distance using either Cat5e cable or fibre-optic for longer spans. It can also distribute power to compatible devices connected to each of its five ports via the RJ45 Cat5e cables (PoEx). This eliminates the separate power supply cable to the device simplifying installation and maintenance.

IS Serial to Ethernet Gateway

The 9461-ET Ethernet Gateway gives existing intrinsically safe equipment “Ethernet connectivity” by allowing conventional serial communication port equipment to be connected to an Ethernet network. Two 9-way D-type serial ports are provided which are RS232/TTL compatible.

In addition, the module’s front panel screw terminals (T6 – T15) provide two RS485/RS422, 2- or 4- wire ports, giving a total of four serial ports. All ports can operate at speeds up to 115K baud.

IS Power Supply

The 9491-PS Power Supply is the preferred method for supplying the 9460-ET series of instrinsically safe Ethernet modules and is based on an isolating power supply. It takes a 24V DC safe area / Zone 2 supply and produces an intrinsically safe, 12V DC nominal output capable of powering the Ethernet modules mounted in a Zone 1 hazardous area. Each 9491-PS can power a single Ethernet module. In order to provide multiple outputs required for several Ethernet modules, the 9491-PS power supply module is ganged up to the required number of ways.
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