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Condition Monitoring – Vibration Monitoring

Automated Control can supply all your requirements for Vibration monitoring systems from ifm which are used for condition-based maintenance of machines and installations. They help to detect machine damage in good time and prevent costly consequential damage.
The ifm product range includes vibration transmitters, vibration sensors, accelerometers and evaluation electronics. Vibration transmitters and sensors detect damaged bearings and unbalance in drives and rotating machine parts. When combined with diagnostic electronics, accelerometers enable comprehensive vibration monitoring of large drives.

To discuss the full range of Vibration Monitoring supplied by Automated Control, please contact us.

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ifm Accelerometers


Accelerometers of the VSA series are used for accurate vibration measurement. They measure the rms value of the acceleration on non-rotating component surfaces of machines, motors, drives, fans or gearboxes. They are firmly attached to the machine surface. Compact and flat types are offered for applications with limited space.
Sensors of the VSA series are designed and approved for use in hazardous areas according to the applicable directives.
The sensors transmit the measured data to the VSE diagnostic electronics

ifm Diagnostic electronics

Diagnostic Electronics

In combination with accelerometers, the diagnostic electronics of the VSE series can be used for vibration monitoring and condition-based maintenance of machines and installations. Unbalance, bearing or gear conditions can be monitored, preventing machine overload or unexpected downtime.

ifm Vibration Sensors

Vibration Sensors & Transmitters

The unit is easy to set up without needing any additional parameter setting software. The transmitters are designed and approved for use in hazardous areas according to the applicable directives. The vibration transmitter of the VKV series has an additional switching output that can be used as alarm output. Two setting rings (easy-turn) on the unit allow intuitive and accurate setting of the switch point and response delay. A scale shows the set values. Two highly visible LEDs indicate the switching status and readiness for operation. Due to the possibility of mechanical locking, unauthorised manipulation is excluded. The protective cap, which is optionally available, ensures protection against tampering. It is often used for condition monitoring of ventilators or fans, where it reliably detects damaged impellers.

ifm Vodration Software


The parameter setting software is used to configure and visualise data provided by diagnostic electronics type VSE for vibration monitoring. The components to be monitored – rolling element bearings, motors and gears – are defined with the software and then stored in the diagnostic electronics as parameter sets.
All devices, parameters and settings in the same project are displayed in a tree structure. Designations can be freely chosen. Users can easily depict the structures of their plants, installations or machines. All project data including parameter sets, measurement data, recordings and history files are managed via the tree structure.

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