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STS Pressure Transmitter 0-250bar 4-20mA G1/4 Connection ATM233.1711.0105.00.U

sts-atm-din-g1-4STS ATM Pressure transmitter 0-250bar=4-20mA G14 Connection



sts-atm-din-g1-4STS ATM Pressure sensor, 0-250Bar, G1/4 process connection

STS Pressure transmitter range 0-250 Bar=4-20mA, 9-33Vdc supply


Housing material 1.4435
Pressure type Sealed gauge
Pressure range 0 … 250 bar
Overpressure 3xFS
Pressure connection G 1/4 Male
Electrical connection connector DIN 43650
Output signal 4 … 20 mA
Supply voltage 9 … 33 V DC
Connection configuration 1: Vin 2:Pout
Maximum process temperature 100°C
Accuracy <±0.5% FS
Compensated temperature range 0 … 70°C
Seals Viton

STS is an innovator in developing, producing and selling customized solutions in pressure measurement. We push the industry standard to develop application solutions which not only fulfil our customer’s needs, but exceed their expectations.


  • Individual and customized solutions in pressure measurement applications
  • High quality, durable products and solutions to surpass our customer’s needs
  • Accuracy and stability are ensured because of in-house transducer production

Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 92 × 35 × 35 cm


STS Sensors

STS Sensors for pressure monitoring
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