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Automated Control and FEAS introduce the Accupack uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

With an on board 24VDC switch mode power supply, integral batteries and serial communications, the FEAS LDR40MH24-RS is an ideal choice for industrial applications requiring a compact and robust power source.

The Accupack LDR connects between the line voltage (85 – 270VAC or 120 – 400VDC) and the field equipment and is capable of supplying full load currents of up to 5A at 24VDC. To allow for intermittent high current demands upon the system, the full load current can be exceeded by up to 50% for limited periods of time. Additionally, the output is short-circuit and polarity protected to prevent damage caused by incorrect installation.

During mains operation the AC/DC converter supplies the load with power while also providing the sealed batteries with an optimal charging voltage.  In the event of a mains power failure, the easily replaceable sealed batteries supply the load until the mains power is restored.

Using the LDR’s RS-232 or RS-485 interface, status messages relating to input voltage, temperature and battery capacity can be communicated to the upstream control system.

Features of the Accupack LDR40MH24-RS:

  • RS-232/ RS-485 interface
  • Input voltage range: 85……270VAC or 120 – 400VDC
  • Protection against total discharge
  • High capacity easily replaceable batteries
  • Power factor correction (PFC)
  • Safety acc. to VDE, EN. UL, CSA
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