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SpillWatch non-contact oil-on-water surface detector

Automated Control introduces the OPTIMARE SpillWatch non-contact oil-on-water surface detector.  The OPTIMARE SpillWatch!® provides users with a timely alert enabling countermeasures to stop/limit spillage and therefore reducing cost for remediation and clean-up and limiting damage to the environment.

In case of a spill, the OPTIMARE SpillWatch!® provides an instant warning. The OPTIMARE SpillWatch!® sensor technology is based on fluorescence excitation and detection. Its innovative optical set-up and all-solid-state opto-electronic components guarantee high sensitivity and allow low-maintenance operation. The system automatically filters out ambient conditions (e.g. sunlight), providing highly reliable detection under all light, weather and surface conditions.

The OPTIMARE SpillWatch!® is designed and manufactured for deployment in harsh and rugged environments,

OPTIMARE SpillWatch!® Features:

  • Real-time around-the-clock detection and control of oil spills for
    • Petrochemical industry, pipelines
    • Power plants
    • Harbors
    • Desalination, intake protection
    • Aquaculture
  • Highly effective LED-based excitation
  • Based on fluorescence excitation and detection
  • Ruggedized design (IP66)
  • Cost – effective, low – maintenance
  • Multiple interfaces network connectivity


Click here to view the Optimare Spillwatch Data Sheet

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