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MTL7767+ Intrinsically Safe Zener Barrier

MTL7767  Intrinsically Safe Zener Barrier

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MTL7767  Intrinsically Safe Zener Barrier

The MTL7700 range follows closely in the footsteps of the MTL700 but as a DIN rail mounting barrier providing quick and easy installation without the need for special hardware. Removable terminals are used for ease of installation, maintenance and for providing a loop disconnect by simply unplugging the terminals from the side of the module. Wire entry is also angled to assist wiring within limited space enclosures. MTL7700 barriers clamp simply and securely onto standard T-section DIN rail, simultaneously making a reliable IS earth connection. For applications where field power is required for switch inputs or 2-wire transmitters, the MTL7700 range provides a bussed power feed facility. When used in conjunction with the MTL7798 power feed module the user has a fully protected, electronically fused supply to many barriers with no additional wiring required.

  • Removable terminals – for easy cabling – UNIQUE
  • Bussed power – reduces cabling – UNIQUE
  • Barrier protection module
  • Proximity detector inputs – UNIQUE
  • Dual channel modules
  • Relay and solid state switch modules – UNIQUE



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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 cm
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