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Low Cost Solutions for Wireless Monitoring Application:
Wireless Monitoring in Remote area

Low Cost Level or Process Monitoring in Remote Areas.

Key Requirements:

  • No power readily available
  • Remote area where travel is a real cost
  • Need to monitor level or process timely
  • IP68 housing for outdoor conditions
  • Immune from voltage transients


  • STS DLOCS battery powered datalogger. Featuring Battery lifetime up to 10 years (1 log/hr <40°), Memory of 500’000 values per channel (1.5M total). Site visit required to collect data
  • Wasp Datalogger and GSM Modem. Featuring 4-20mA (eg. STS pressure transmitter for level) and pulse, SDI12 or temperature inputs. Easy access to data via PC phone or tablet device. Email or SMS alarm notification. Battery powered (up to 5yr on 3g network or 10y on 2g)  or powered version available (eg. solar panel or other power supply). Remote solution requires mobile network coverage
  • Skywave Satellite unit. featuring inputs and outputs for control as well as monitoring. Best coverage of all solutions. Requires solar panel and battery system or other power supply. Data available from customisable web interface.
  • Eaton range of Radio, also GSM and satellite devices for industrial applications.

Application Video:

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