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Control Techniques Industrial AC Drives

Country of Origin United Kingdom

Control Techniques AC drives (variable frequency drives or variable speed drives) provide world-class solutions to the widest range of applications and industries.

Drives features:

  • Wide power and voltage ranges with high performance motor control within a compact size and robust design for long and reliable service
  • Extendable capabilities through a large range of click-in option modules for ease of use
  • Integrated programmable automation and motion control


  • Commander S                               Making simple applications simple
  • Commander C299 & C300      Advanced requirements in a wide range of applications
  • Pump Drive F600                       Simple, reliable flow control
  • Powerdrive F300                        Designed to control all AC induction motors
  • E300 Elevator AC Drives         Dedicated elevator drives that are easy to set-up
  • DFS Series                                     Ready to install high power drive cubicle system
  • Unidrive M700                            Ultimate control flexibility
  • Unidrive M600                            High performance open-loop control
  • Unidrive M400                            Integrated PLC and safety inputs
  • Unidrive HS30                             Flexible integration
  • Unidrive HS70                             Maximum control of high speed motors
  • NE200 & NE300                           Outstanding control performance & superior adaptability
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