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Yaskawa Elevator and Lift Drives2016-engineers-choice-award-winner-u1000

Yaskawa Elevator and Lift dedicated drives are suitable for both modernization projects and new installations. User friendliness is the emphasis of our drives. The keypad interface and programming are dedicated to elevator and escalator applications. The performance features are well-suited for both Induction and Permanent Magnet motors with the latest control functions.

U1000L Industrial MATRIX Drive – New


  • Full Regeneration (out of the box)
  • Designed specifically for elevator applications
  • U1000L has Smooth Operation with ½ the torque ripple compared to our drives.
  • Torque Ripple Comparison (Closed Loop Vector at zero speed)
  • Overshoot and Anti-Vibration Control
  • High Performance Starting Torque without Sensors
  • Reduced Operation Time and More Powerful Braking
  • Vibration Damping Control
  • Safe Disable Function
  • Yaskawa U1000L Drive Brochure




L1000A Elevator Drive 1-372 KW

Yaskawa has proven success of manufacturing and supplying drives to the elevator industry: an installed base of over 1,000,000 elevator drives installed and operational. The L1000A Drive Series is a dedicated drive for elevator applications suitable for both modernization projects and new installations.


  • Single drive for either IM or PM motor control
  • Peak current ratings of 200% or more based on NEC amps
  • Auto-tuning routines optimally match L1000A to IM/PM motors (coupled or uncoupled)
  • YASKAWA Quality – designed for more than 70,000 hours of maintenance-free operation
  • Designed for extreme quiet motor operation
  • iQrise Software
  • Enhanced features for highest passenger comfort (i.e., torque ripple suppression)
  • Additional functions to reduce floor-to-floor times
  • Powerful keypad and I/O interface to simplify elevator controller integration
  • Easy serviceability and maintainability with lifetime monitors and removable terminals with parameter backup
  • Elevator terminology for ease of operation
  • Rescue operation control flexibility
  • Reduce system cost with TÜV compliant functional safety
  • iQrise L1000A Drive Flyer
  • iQrise L1000A Brochure
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